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Lake Ida Fishing Trips

Lake Ida Fishing Trips

Fishing Area: Delray Beach

Fishing - Lake


Fishing Boat:

Avid 20' AvidMax 4 guests (base trip price includes 4 guests)

Target Fish:

Crappie, Great Snakehead, Largemouth Bass, Peacock Bass, Striped Bass


Fish for exotic freshwater species at the amazing lake, such as Peacock Bass, Crappie, Clown Knife Fish, and many more. Everything you need to fish is included in the price!

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John knows these local waters well. Put me on fish all day. Great fun catching peacocks.

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Good to Know’s

  • Fishing Equipment is Provided. Bring your Food and Drinks.
  • Don't Forget your Sunscreen, Hats, and Sunglasses.
  • Prepare Your Camera and Energy for an Exciting Day!

Common Questions

Can you fish at Delray Beach?

Absolutely! Delray Beach is a fantastic fishing destination, and with Jurassic Park Fishing Charters and Captain John at the helm, you're in for an unparalleled angling experience. Captain John's expertise and our top-notch charters make Delray Beach the perfect setting for an unforgettable fishing adventure.

Can you fish on any beach in Florida?

While you can't fish directly on the beaches in Florida, the real excitement awaits with Jurassic Park Fishing Charters and Captain John at Lake Ida in Delray Beach. Captain John specializes in this freshwater haven, ensuring you have a remarkable fishing experience away from the beach crowds.

What is Delray Beach known for?

Delray Beach is renowned for its vibrant coastal atmosphere, and it's particularly famous for offering incredible fishing experiences. With Jurassic Park Fishing Charters and the expert guidance of Captain John, Delray Beach becomes a sought-after destination for anglers seeking thrilling adventures in the rich waters of Lake Ida. Beyond its stunning beaches, Delray Beach is celebrated for its fishing prowess, making it a must-visit locale for fishing enthusiasts.