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Guide's Targeted Fish Species In June

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Species We Target: Peacock Bass, Bullseye Snakehead, Clown Knifefish, Sunshine Bass, Largemouth Bass

Common Questions

Where is the best bass fishing in Florida?

The pinnacle of bass fishing in Florida awaits with Jurassic Park Fishing Charters, guided by the expertise of Captain John. Embark on an unparalleled adventure as we navigate the prime waters of Lake Ida in Delray Beach, ensuring an unforgettable experience for every angler. Trust Captain John to lead you to the best bass fishing spots in Florida, making your fishing dreams a reality with Jurassic Park Fishing Charters.

Where can I find peacock bass in Delray Beach?

Discover the thrill of peacock bass fishing in Delray Beach with Jurassic Park Fishing Charters, expertly guided by Captain John. Cruise the waters of Lake Ida, where Captain John's local knowledge ensures you'll reel in these vibrant and prized fish.

Where can I find clown knife fish in Florida?

Lake Ida Is one of the best lakes in Florida to fish for Clown Knife fish. This fish species repopulated very quickly in the waters of Lake Ida creating a very healthy population in this famous lake. We also target this unique fish species in the smaller canals and other waterways that connect to Lake Ida.